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About Us


Our Goals

"IL SORRISO DI BRIGHT" ODV was established on May 23, 2019,  in accordance with the Civil Code, Legislative Decree No. 117 of July 3, 2017 and subsequent amendments and additions. It is a Voluntary Organization, non-profit, named: "IL SORRISO DI BRIGHT" ODV, with registered office in the Municipality of REGGIO EMILIA.

The duration of the Association is unlimited.

Purposes and Activities:

The Association is non-profit and pursues civic, solidaristic and socially useful purposes through the continued performance of activities of general interest pursuant to Art. 5 of Legislative Decree No. 117 of July 3, 2017, as amended and supplemented, making use mainly of the services of member volunteers aimed at: charity, long-distance support, free transfer of food or products referred to in Law No. 166 of August 19, 2016 as amended, disbursement of money, goods or services to support disadvantaged people or activities of general interest in accordance with this article.

In particular, for the realization of its stated purpose and with the intention of acting in favor of the whole community, the Association aims to:

  •  promote and protect the rights of children, especially orphans, in Italy and everywhere else in the world, particularly in developing countries;

  • offer personal, psychological, social, educational and social-health assistance;

  •  offer any other form of assistance and relief to children living in distressed or emergency conditions.

  •  To carry out any other activity connected or related to those listed above and to perform, always in compliance with the relevant regulations, any act or contractual operation necessary or useful for the direct or indirect realization of the institutional purposes.

The activities, referred to in the preceding paragraph, or those directly related to them, are directed primarily toward third parties and are carried out on an ongoing basis, mainly through the personal, voluntary and free services of its members. If necessary, it is possible to hire employees or make use of self-employment services, within the limits provided for by the Third Sector Code.

The Association may carry out activities other than those of general interest, but instrumental to them, in accordance with the provisions of the regulations in force on the third sector.

Economic Resources

The Association derives its economic resources for the operations and conduct of its

activities from:

  • members' dues and contributions;

  • inheritances, donations and legacies;

  • contributions from the State, Regions, local authorities, public bodies or institutions, including those aimed at supporting specific and documented programs, carried out within the scope of its statutory purposes;

  • contributions from the European Union and international bodies;

  • income from the provision of contracted services;

  • income from the sale of goods and services to members and third parties, including through the performance of economic activities of a commercial nature, aimed in an auxiliary and subsidiary manner, and in any case aimed at achieving the institutional objectives;

  • liberal donations from members and third parties;

  • income from promotional initiatives aimed at its own financing;

  • any other income allowed under Legislative Decree 117/2017.

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