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Sustainable agriculture 
in Ghana

The purpose of the project is to develop the cultivation of one hectare of land to be used as a KITCHEN GARDEN, allowing sufficient production of vegetables for sale in the local market. This would allow a small, albeit partial, income aimed at self-supporting the orphanage through the work in the fields of the Providence Home children.

Thanks to the work and funds raised by the Association's volunteers and supporters, the goal is close. The biggest obstacle has been the supply of WATER for irrigation.

The upper aquifer in the area are in fact salt water, due to the proximity of the ocean.  

After multiple excavations, we were able to build a small well that can provide fresh water, albeit in small quantities.

The plot of land is 5 km far from the town in which Providence Home is located, so a small dwelling was built near the well to house workers and store vegetables.

Finally, to protect the property and future crops from thieves and vandals, a long fence wall was built, according to African customs. 

Everything is ready to move to the operational phase: the Providence Home boys' task is to till, level and clear the land of weeds.
It's up to us supporters to find the resources to buy a motor tiller, a submersible pump, rubber hoses, ground and knapsack sprinklers to fertilize and weed the soil, a photovoltaic panel, and everything else needed for a small farm to grow and produce.


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