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Our Benefactor, Friend and Vice President, Dr. Guido Corradi,
who personally travels to Ghana every year to help those who are suffering, tells us....

Samuel is a 3 1/2-year-old boy living in Ghana, in a village called Aflao, located right on the border line with Togo, in the delta region of the river Volta.

Samuel is developing a cancerous mass on his back.

The assumptions about a possible diagnosis is about a "myosarcoma." 
The Association "Il Sorriso di Bright - ODV," would like to help Samuel be cured before it’s too late and to get possibly a full recovery, counting on the good heart and support of donors and with God's help!


Samuel's father's name is Patrick.

Patrick was a child in our orphanage Providence Home and it is important to let you know even his story to deeply understand our little Samuel’s situation.

I met Patrick when he was 15 years old in 2009, in an orphanage in Aflao, Ghana. He had a huge "mass" that disfigured half of his back.


Such a desease led to his mother’s death ten years earlier, oppressed by the unstoppable development of an

enormous neoformation. Patrick was scared to have have the same fate, but he didn’t want to die! That’s why he asked for my help. I managed to bring him to Italy, to Milan, wishing he could  be operated in order to remove the tumor mass. But it was impossible because it was too large. 
He was likely to be disabled for the rest of his life.


The mass, fortunately, turned out to be an "aggressive fibromatosis" and not a malignant sarcoma.

Patrick stayed in Italy for two years taken in by an Italian family. During this period he’d been through many courses of chemo weekly. But the tumor mass hadn’t shrunk.

So I was forced to take him back to Ghana where I managed, with much difficulty, to put him through one more chemo cycle, for another year. In Africa, this is already a miracle.


Eventually, thank God, the mass on his back was reduced, and Patrick survived, even realizing his lifelong dream: to meet a girl, marry her and have his own family. The one he had never had. Today Patrick is 28 years old and has four children, the second of whom is our little Samuel.


Helping Patrick was very difficult and required a commitment that lasted many years. But it’s worth it. His son Samuel is only 3 and half years old, so the tumor mass that he’s developing is only in an early-stage.  Its size is still very small. Our hope is that Samuel's tumor is "histologically" similar to his father’s one and therefore with low malignancy.

If we act now, we hope to completely remove the tumor mass as long as it’s size is small!


I have decided to tell you about Samuel now, because he has to undergo surgery soon, hoping that he will be able to recover and continue living .

In the past six months, jointly with the association "Il Sorriso di Bright ODV ," I have already helped him undergo several clinical-instrumental examinations at the hospital in Ghana's capital city, Accra to get a diagnosis and a therapy proposal.

Unfortunately in Africa you have to pay for all clinical, instrumental examinations and medicines, including the infusions that will be used during surgery, as well as the surgery itself, the anestesist and the hospitalization.

His father Patrick will have to be close to him and stay in Accra. Significant costs are expected.

We can no longer continue to help him by ourselves.

We also need the help of OTHER people with hearts of gold!

We need YOU, your support!


Help us to save Samuel, to give hope to his life to heal him!!!

                                       THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE HEART!                                    

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